Our Wines

You’ll find a great selection of Wines at Vin ranging from deep, oak-aged reds to light whites. Very dry to fairly sweet. Mostly from grapes, but also from apples, strawberries, cherries, blackberries and raspberries.  Our fruit wines are not “flavored” grape wine; they’re made 100% from the fruit for which they are named.

Wine making is both an art and a science, and you’ll find as many ways and opinions as there are winemakers.

White wines are made from white grapes, pressed as quickly as possible after picking to preserve fresh flavors and light color. Red wines are fermented on their skins long enough to extract the desired color and complexity before being pressed.  Rose is made from lightly pressed red grapes.

Our sparkling wines (“Champagne”) are made in the traditional Methode Champenoise way, fermented in “this” bottle. Patiently aged for two to five years before being riddled, disgorged, corked and offered for sale. So good that our Brut was recently chosen to be served at a James Beard Foundation annual dinner

Buckingham Vineyards

Chambourcin——————————-Dry oak-aged full-bodied red

Chancellor——————————–Dry medium-bodied red

Cabernet Sauvignon———————-Dry, full bodied, oak aged

Merlot ————————————-Dry, light bodied, hint of oak

Diego Red (formerly Country Red)——–Semi-sweet soft red

Joshua’s Choice Rose ——————-French style, almost dry, light red

Chardonnay——————————–Light, dry, oak tones

Pinot Gris(same grape as Pinot Grigio)—Light, dry white

Vidal Blanc——————————Dry, delicate white, citrus tones

Seyval Blanc—————————–Dry white, slate and oak tones

Riesling———————————Slightly sweet, aromatic, German style

Niagara———————————-Sweet white, fruity grape aroma

White Sangria—————————-Sweet white, natural fruit flavors

Concordia——————————–Sweet, fruity grape aroma

Red Sangria——————————Sweet red, natural fruit flavors

Apple————————————100% apple, light & sweet

Raspberry——————————–100% raspberry, sweet & fruity

Strawberry——————————-100% strawberry, sweet & fruity

Blackberry——————————-100% blackberry, sweet, intense flavor

Nouveau———————————-Young, semi-dry red. Nov. to Jan. only

Holiday Spice—————————-Sweet, aromatic, cloves & cinnamon

Ruby Port——————————–Rich, full-bodied, ripe plum flavors, 750 ml.

**Case Price for 12 Bottles or more——— $1.00 off each bottle**

-Sparkling Wines-

-Methode Champenoise bottle fermented, 750 ml.-

Brut————————————-Semi Dry


Sparkling Muscato————————Sweet

NEW, Sparkling PINK———————–Semi Sweet

Riesling—————————————-Semi Sweet

*All sparkling wines are in limited supply and not always available*